Solar Power Systems in Ondara

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Solar Power Systems Installed by the Professionals, Make use of 300 days of Sun on the Ondara

Solar Power Systems Ondara, Installation of Solar Panel systems for Solar hot Water, Solar Heating. Swimming pool pump. Use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. We offer free Surveys to find out how little it can cost to install your Solar system.

Questions & Answers About Solar Panels On The Ondara


How much does it cost for solar panels in Spain?
The cost of a solar panels can vary as it depends on how much solar you want to generate for your home. Contact us and we will visit your home and go through everything with you and offer you a free survey.

Has Solar Tax now been abolished in Spain?
Yes it has and just recently you can read about it here: No More Solar Tax In Spain

How much do I need?
First of all you would need to work out what kind of solar you would like to install and we can go through that with you. Then you need to look at your annual electricity consumption and divide it by 365 which will give you your average daily usage, then divide that by the expected sunlight hours.

Will I still be able to use the Solar Panels if its cloudy?
With over 300 days of sunshine a year your solar panels will still work as they use the UVA rays so it doesn’t have to even be sunny.

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